Wine @ SoFar

Wine @ SoFar

Buy your wine in advance for your upcoming SoFar Sounds show. We will deliver it to the venue in advance so it's there for you when you arrive - chilled and ready to drink. 

All WINES are priced as 4 PACKS

White and Rose wines will be chilled prior to your arrival. Red is served at room temperature. 

You will be required to present Identification to verify you are 21+ years of age, as well as the credit card used to purchase the wines.

There are 2 can sizes

  • Chenin Blanc & Pink River Rose: Cans are 250mL /  8.5 oz. Equivalent to 1.8 glasses of wine.
  • Oregon White, Oregon Rose, Petite Sirah: Can are 187mL  / 6.3 oz. Equivalent to 1.2 glasses of wine.

Last orders accepted the day before the show. 

For SoFar gig dates & tickets - here

About the Wines

California Chenin Blanc: ranked #1 canned wine by Beth McKibbon (AJC). Features the "Menagerie" series by Kareena Zerefos (@littlekareena). 12% alc/vol.

California Pink River Rose: awarded a "Highly Commended" score of 88 by Wine Enthusiast magazine, and will be a featured in the August edition of Food & Wine. Features the "Pink River" artwork by The Most Famous Artist (@themostfamousartist). 12% alc/vol.

Oregon White and Rose: brand new by highly respected Oregon winemaker Jonathan Oberlander. They are lightly sparkled for the summer.  Oregon White features "Welcome to the Jungle" by Nesrin Danan (@blackprints). The Rose features "Early Risers" by @anniespratt. 12% alc/vol.

California Petite Sirah: curated by one of LA's leading sommeliers and will be featured at the Aspen Food & Wine Festival in June, and features "Purple Mountain" by Anton Maudry. 12% alc/vol.